District Planning Office Ernakulam

Ernakulam district, one of the most developed districts in Kerala, is spread over an area of 3068 square kilometres (7.9% of the land area of Kerala state).  The district lies between 9o47' and 10o18' north latitudes and 76o9' and 77o 6'  east longitudes. It is bounded on the west by Lakshadweep Sea, south by Kottayam and Alappuzha districts, east by Idukki district and on the North by Thrissur district. Physiographically, the district is divided into three broad divisions - lowland, midland, and highland. The lowland includes the coastal plains, coastal depressional lands with swales and marshes and the fluvial transitional plains. The midland constitutes the undulating to rolling terrain. The upland comprises of the rolling to hilly terrain with elongated ridge, scarp slopes and isolated rocky cliffs. Kochi and Paravur taluks and western part of Kanayannoor taluk constitute the low land while Aluva, Muvattupuzha, Kothamangalam and eastern portion of the Kanayannur taluk come under the midland region. The major part of the Kunnathunadu taluk also is in the midland region. Eastern part of Kunnathunadu and Kothamangalam taluks come under the highland region. The lowest elevation of nearly Mean Sea Level (MSL) is noticed in the western coastal area and the highest elevation of 534 metres above MSL is at Sulu Medu


DPO Ernakulam