The IT wing of KSPB was streamlined in 2010,  effecting the IT support technologies to the staffs of KSPB in all respects. The IT wing has been constantly providing support since 2012, for efficient and smooth working of the office, to the staffs and higher officials of KSPB,  in the following fields:

 Fine computing with easy access to internet facilities to all officers in the office

 'Information Technology' based solutions to all the technical divisions and the administration wing of  State Planning Board

 Assistance for the preparation  of Economic Review, Plan Budget and other publications of  State Planning Board

 Support- for e-file movements through e-Office web based application

 Support through Special software packages like e-Office, SPSS, Digital Library etc.

 Server Support for SPSS, Digital LibrarySystem  & Bio-Metric Punching System

 Support for e-file movements through e-Office &  DSC- Digital Signature Certificates

 Hi tech Video Conferencing (Both under Desktop based (Vidyo software) and  Studio based (Polycomm HDX 7000)

 Hi-tech conferences and meetings with the help of Presentations, Videoconferencing, live channels, etc.

 Maintenance and Technical Supports (Hardware & Software issues)

 Updation of official website of KSPB by linking the related statistics/budgetary/ monetary information

 Training  and Consultative Services


Sri. S.R Sanalkumar

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