The basic function of the Division is to formulate Perspective Plans for the State. The functions and objectives of the Division are as follows:-

 Formulation of long term development perspective for the overall economy as well as its different sectors.

 Formulation ofFive Year Plans, Annual Plans,mid term appraisaland Plan budget for the following sectors/sub sectors

      General Economic Services

           Secretariat Economic Services

           Economic Advice and Statistics

           Civil Supplies

           Other General Economic Services

      General Services

           Stationery and Printing

           Public Works

 Preparation of analytical review on the following sectors for the Economic Review(English & Malayalam versions) to be presented
      along with the state budget.

           Demography and Income

           Trade Flows


           Food security

 Preparing draft reply to the LA Interpellations on the subjects assigned to this division

 Undertaking studies on different subjects as and when entrusted to the Division

 Appraisal of projects.

 Conducting Workshops and Seminars

 Monitoring of Schemes.

 Constitution of Working groups and need based task force 

 Mid-term appraisal of schemes and programs

 Continuous online monitoring of schemes for reviewing programs 

 Preparing Reports and Review Notes , Meeting Decisions of various level meetings