Formulation of Annual Plans, Five Year Plans , Mid Term Appraisal, Preparation of Budget & Economic Review (English & Malayalam versions) and Review of plan implementation of the sectors under the Division.  In addition to this

 Preparation of Back Ground Paper and Approach Paper to five year plans   

 Appraisal of projects.

 Specific comments to Government files.

 Conducting Workshops and Seminars on the Sectors dealt with.

 Regular monitoring of various schemes.

 Quick assessment of projects/schemes.

 Verifying project proposals submitted to the Working Group meetings and Special Working Group meetings

 Constitution of Working Groups prior to every Five Year Plan to formulate draft proposals.

 Constitution of need based task forces

 Review of schemes
Convening/Assisting the proper functioning of the expert committees constituted by the State Planning Board on different sectors from time to time.
Convening of different Stake Holders meetings for the new policy initiatives for the State.
Prepares publications and facilitates project implementation.
Continuous monitoring of the progress of schemes.
Answering LA Interpellation and RTI queries.
Consolidating progress reports from various departments of all the sectors pertaining to the division.