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Implementation of e-Office

State Planning Board is the first Government Office in Kerala to implement e-Office for better transmission and easy storage of files digitally. Chief Minister Sri. Oommen Chandy inaugurated e-Office in State Planning Board on Nov 06, 2012. An exclusive e-Office id has been created for all officers.  Training has been provided to all the officers on e-filing and made them familiar to the e-Office software. One nodal officers from each Division/Section has been nominated for monitoring e-Office system. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) has been provided to senior officers for signing and sending files through e-office.  VPN connectivity is also provided to high officials so that they can view and sign the files from remote locations.

e-Office is one of the 31 mission mode projects (MMPs) under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of  Department of Information Technology of India. e-Office includes e-filing, centralised document repository system, instant messaging, e-leave applications and e-tour processing. The vision of e-Office is to achieve a simplified, responsive, effective and transparent working of all Government offices. The file system enables the electronic movement, tracking of files, archival and retrieval of data.

More over, e-Office is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which is a Cloud computing model, in which, software and data are centrally hosted on a server and can be accessed by users through internet. There is also a Task Monitoring System for monitoring the work.

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

IBM SPSS Statistics Prof.Concurrent  is used in State Planning Board since September 2012.

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a software package used for statistical analysis. Long produced by SPSS Inc., it was acquired by IBM in 2009. The current versions (2014) are officially named IBM SPSS Statistics. Companion products in the same family are used for survey authoring and deployment (IBM SPSS Data Collection), data mining (IBM SPSS Modeler), text analytics, and collaboration and deployment (batch and automated scoring services).

The software reflects the original market, although the software is now popular in other fields as well, including the health sciences and marketing. In addition to statistical analysis, data management (case selection, file reshaping, creating derived data) and data documentation (a metadata dictionary is stored in the datafile) are features of this software.

Video Conferencing System

State Planning Board, Trivandrum was the first office to implement the hi-tech communication media through the desktop/studio based Video conferencing system. The video conferencing is an audiovisual technology that allows groups of users to communicate via simultaneous broadcasts of audio and visual data, irrespective of the locations where they serve.

Video conferences can be of the following modes such as:

 Point to Point (directly linking two sites)

 MCU-Multipoint conferencing Unit (three or more sites)

Desktop  Based Videoconferencing

A desktop PC with USB video camera, microphone, an Internet link and video conferencing software is required for desktop based videoconferencing. It uses the Internet to link desktop computers which are running videoconferencing software.

At State Planning Board, the VIDYO software is used to run the videoconferencing and this facility is availed at 14 district planning offices in Kerala. It allows point to point communication as well as Multi sites communication from one sender to many receivers. 

The benefits of user:

 Save Time, Travel, other contingent expenses for meetings, booking of conveyance tickets, booking of guest houses, traffic snarls to reach the superior officials etc

Studio Based Videoconferencing

Through studio based video conferencing, the delegates/ officials of Planning Commission, Delhi can be connected to the Studio located at the capital centre of State Planning Board, Kerala, thereby interactions, actions, decisions can be taken instantly through Audio Video communication. The equipment used at State Planning Board for Studio based videoconferencing is  Polycomm HDX 7000.

The video conferencing facility is highly supported by connectivity (2mbps) Leased line from BSNL.

Digital Library – KSPB  Digital Repository  System

As part of KSPB Digital Depositary a digital library was developed in October 2013.


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