Major Initiatives

Plan Space

          State Planning Board with the technical support of Indian Institute of Information Technology Management – Kerala (IIITM-K) has evolved an online Plan Monitoring Mechanism PLAN SPACE ( at the State Level.  This is a web based information system to monitor and evaluate the progress of implementation of all Plan Scheme across all departments in the State.  Report generated from PLAN SPACE is a real time data with latest information on the financial and physical progress of the scheme at various stages of implementation.

          Plan progress is reviewed at Govt. level every month by the Chief Secretary in the meeting of Committee of Secretaries.  It has been decided to bring in qualitative  improvement in the monitoring / review mechanism.  Now, it has been decided to link Planspace with the Treasury Information System, which will help in real time updation of plan expenditure.

          Planspacewill be rolled out to the districts during the current year to enable updation of information by the implementing officers at the district.  For this Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulum districts have been taken up on a pilot basis.

Restructuring Plan for State Planning Board

          The Structure of State Planning Board remains almost the same as the one at the time of its constitution.  In the past years it has undergone many changes in terms of its functions, administrative set up and focus of activities.  But no structural change has been made so far to cope up with the present requirements.  Hence it has been decided to restructure the Kerala State Planning Board with a view to make it more efficient and competent organization, with the support of Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad.


The objective of the publishing Newsletter is to build capacity among the technical officers of the State Planning Board and District Planning Offices in technical writing as well as to provide valuable information about the Board’s activities to stakeholders.  Publication of Newsletter is the first instance of the State Planning Board and its first issue has been published on October 2013.  Newsletter is published every month with the following contents.

·         Events of the Past quarter / Month and forthcoming events

·         Dissemination of information on Best practices with photographs

·         Articles to technical officers of the State Planning Board / District Planning Offices

·         Articles shall be focused in the area of Planning and development, issues confronting particular sector, good practices prevailed in the State as well as in the country. 

Introduction of the System of Awards to Departments for best performance in Plan Implementation 

          In the budget speech 2013-14, the Hon’ble Finance Minister, Govt. of Kerala has announced that it is essential to rectify the deficiencies in plan implementation, which has been in existence for many years.  Major portion of the plan outlay is spent during the months of February and March.

          The responsibility of execution of each scheme will be vested with a specific official subject to the general control by Government Secretaries and Heads of Departments.

          To achieve these objectives the Govt. vide G.O.(Rt.) No.203/2013/Plg. dated 2.5.13 have granted Administrative Sanction for instituting awards to Departments for Effective Plan Implementation by the end of the year 2013-14 at an estimated cost of Rs. 48 lakhs.

Concept of the Award 

For the Award System categorization of departments is made on the basis of Annual Plan allocation as below. 



Outlay (Rs. crore)



Up to 10



11 to 100



101 to 300



301 to 600



601 and above


Award will be given to departments in each category based on best performance. 100 point Weighted Index as suggested below will be followed for the assessment of best performance of Departments.    





Plan Governance

-        15%



-        50%


Physical Achievement

-        15%



-        10%


Implementation of CSS

-        10%





Further each criteria is subdivided with different parameters and weightage.  Departments with HOD status will only be considered for the Awards.  Award will be given to the top three performers (First, Second and Third) among each of the above 5 categories of Departments.

Content of the Award

Award will include Citation with the signature of Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Vice Chairman, State Planning Board and Sculpture representing the Theme of Development with Care and Compassion for all the three top performers in each category.  A cash award of Rs.5,00,000,  Rs. 3,00,000 and Rs. 1,00,000  each will be given to the 1st , 2nd and 3rd performers in the order of their performance (Total Rs.9,00,000 in each category). 

The cash award given to each department can be utilized for the enhancement of their manpower capabilities including training in best National Institutes and for infrastructure development of the Department. Cash Awards will be given in the form of DD drawn in favour of the Awardee / HODs. 

Government Secretaries of the top performing five categories of Departments will be awarded with Citation with the signature of Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Vice Chairman of State Planning Board and with Sculpture representing the theme of Development with Care and Compassion as a token of appreciation so as to recognize their involvement and efforts in the timely implementation of Plan Schemes. No cash award will be given to the Government Secretaries.