Major Programs & Projects

Solar Plant to Gramapanchayath Office

The Chirakkal Gramapanchayath in Kannur Block initiated a project named : Solar plant to Gramapanchayath office” during 2012-13.  The total outlay of the project is.

`. 9,82,026 ( own fund). The total expenditure marked is `. 8,50,500.  It aims to meet the power requirement of the Panchayath Office from solar energy, ie free from KSEB. 

The implementing Officer of the project is Secretary Gramapanchayath and was implemented through the Kozhikode based agency named IGATECH, with the close monitoring and specifications set forth by ANERT. It took one and half year for completion of the project.

Now the project is successfully running by providing the sufficient power supply to the panchayath office.  Now 40 tube lights, 35 fans, 14 computers and all other equipments in the panchayath office is functioning using this self produced energy. Ofcourse this model is replicating to some of the local bodies in the district during 2014-15.

The focus is much more wider and can be implemented in state wise for a better energy saving option and to develop self energy sufficiency culture.

Chirakkal Gramapanchayath office

Solar Battery & inverter Unit (5 KV)


­­­Inauguration of the Power Plant by District Collector


Fish cultivation’ in Eruvassy Grama Panchayath in Kannur District during  2012-13

Eruvassy  Grama Panchayath is situated in Thaliparamba Taluk of Kannur district. ‘Matsya Karshaka Club’ was formed in Eruvassy Grama Panchayath in the year 2010, as a part of ‘Matsya Kerala Project’ started by the Govt. of Kerala during 2009. At the initial stage they cultivated the fish in small ponds and tanks. Fisheries Departments supplied the fingerlings (baby fish) at free of cost to the cultivators and Eruvassy Grama panchayth provided the fish food at subsidized rate.  More people were attracted to fish cultivation due to the success of this project. During 2012-13 the Panchayath formed a project ‘fish cultivation’ amounting  Rs. 1,00,000/- of which Rs. 50,000 as panchayath share and  Rs. 50,000/- as beneficiary contribution. Ornamental fish cultivation and fresh water fish cultivation was included in the project. The share of panchayath was utilized for purchasing fingerlings and fish food. Number of the beneficiaries of the project was 180 for the year 2012-13.