District Planning Office Palakkad

Palakkad is the land of Palms and Paddy fields.  It is a part of the erstwhile Malabar District of Madrass Presidency.  The District accounts for about 11.53% of the total land area of the State of Kerala with its share of population as 8.2%.    Along with Kuttanadu, Palakkad is a major paddy growing area of the State.  It is often called as the Gateway of Kerala.  The Sahya Mountain Ranges borders the region and the 32 Km to 40 Km long gap, known as “Palakkad Gap”, in the mountains exerts a dominant influence on the climate of the region.  Due to this gap in the past, this land was known as Palakkattussery.  Etymologists trace the word Palakkadu from Palanilam meaning the dry area.  Palakkad has a long history dating back to the Paleolithic period, which was substantiated by a number of megalithies recties discovered from this region.  It also housed the capitals of two kingdoms such as Palakkad and Kollengode, which were in prominence till a century back.