Project Financing Cell

Established  through the GO(Ms) No.20/2012/Plg dated 4.5.2012 to examine the feasibility of outside funding including Public Private Partnership of all projects in the State. The Cell is headed by a Director, supported by a Financial Consultant, a Legal Consultant, a Project Officer, Technical Consultants & other staff. The Cell appraises technical viability and financial feasibility and possible extra budgetary sources for all projects costing above Rs.5Cr before approval by respective Working Groups .Provide Training has been provided to departments on structuring of PPP projects using model documents provided by the Planning Commission as the base document. Other tasks include identification of infrastructure gaps in various sectors, co-ordination of development of infrastructure service delivery, facilitating environment for infrastructure development in the State, Liaison with GOI on various funding sources to be tapped for State projects available under various sectors, development of model PPP projects, several awareness campaigns for LSG people representatives have been conducted. The Cell also provided Government of Kerala with various options to tap capital markets for developmental projects.