Staff Details



Duties & Responsibilities

Er. N. R. Joy


Chief (i/c)

Co-ordination of Annual Plan/Five Year Plan related Activities of State Planning Board,Conducting Planning Board meetings &Co-ordination  of Economic Review (English & Malayalam)

Smt. Rekha V. Dev

Deputy Director 

Consolidation of Annual Plans, Five Year Plan, Mid-Term Appraisal &Annual Budget, Coordination of Economic Review (State Finance)


Asst. Director I    

Planning Board meetings, Plan Space- Plan  Monitoring Mechanism, PublishingStudy Reports&Economic Review – Co-ordination

Shri.V.Vinod Kumar

Asst. Director II    

Publication of News Letter, Division Chiefs meeting, Mission – 676 days Programme – Co-ordination&Economic Review (Prices)


Research Officer I 

L.A. Interpellations, One Time ACA Schemes ,Reply to the Government Letters, Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) & Economic Review (Banking) 

Smt. Sreedevi

Research Officer II   

VCs weekly review meetings, Lecture Programmes / Seminars, Internship of students at SPB, Study on MPLADS&Award System for Government Departments


Research Assistant I

Planning Board Meetings, Co-ordination of Annual Plans, Economic Review (All Chapters)&Annual Budget

Smt.Roopa R.V.

Research Assistant II

Consolidation of the report of XII Plan Working Group, Expert Committee reports &Summary document (Budget).

Smt. Gopika 

Confidential Assistant

CA to Chief and Custodian of Attendance Register, Inward & Despatch registers.