District Planning Office Thiruvananthapuram

     Thiruvananthapuran, the capital of Kerala, is popularly known as Ananthapuri in ancient days. The name Thiruvananthapuram means the abode of sacred snake god ‘Ananthan’. The modern era begins with Marthanda Varma, the father of modern Travancore. It was a great epoch of intellectual as well as cultural centres, and it reached zenith during the era of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal (1829-1847 AD). The beginning of English education by opening an English School, observatory and charity hospital during the period of Swathi Thirunal is an epoch making in the history of the District. One of the significant contributions of Sri.Moolam Thirunal was the inauguration of the Legislative Council in 1888, the first Legislative Chamber in an Indian state.