Economic Review 1959, published in the year 1960 was the first of its kind. It is one of the budget documents prepared by the State Planning Board every year. Because of its professionally structured content and rich information, it is widely accepted as an authentic publication which provides basic economic data on the Kerala Economy. Economic Review 2011 is published in a new format with a new look. The attempt is to restructure and redesign the document in accordance with the present day situation. A committee, headed by Prof (Dr) K.P. Kannan, development economist and former Director of the Centre of Development studies, was constituted with a view to enhancing the quality of information as well as its analysis and making the Economic Review a more readable and reliable document. The report of the Committee was approved by the Planning Board in the meeting held on 12.01.2012. We have not been able to carry out all the recommendations of the committee in the current Economic Review, but we hope to produce a more refined analytical and shorter document next year. It is expected that the present volume will be more reader friendly. The web version is available on Any suggestions for further improvement of the document both in terms of its content and layout, will be welcome.