Economic Review 2017

State Planning Board, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

The Economic Review 2017 includes recent data, policies and programmes of the Government departments. It provides an insight into the development strategies of various sectors, the performance achieved under the plan schemes and the issues to be addressed in the coming years.


The last year, 2017-18, has been eventful for the Indian economy. Demonetisation continued to affect economic growth rates adversely. In addition, resource mobilisation has slowed down in the wake of the implementation of Goods and Services Tax. A crisis of agricultural incomes continues to prevail in large parts of India’s countryside. The economy of the State of Kerala could not but be affected by these events.

Kerala’s economy is integrally linked to the world economy. Changes in the global economy are transmitted to the Kerala economy by means of changes in the volume of remittances, in the export of services and in commodity prices. The global economic environment has continued to be adverse for Kerala’s regional economy. The world economy continues to record low growth rates...

Kerala – A Quick Look

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Districts at a Glance

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