VOL. LV No.1, January 4, 2020
1. Ambedkar’s Feminism/Karin Kapadia/Page: 10
2. Telecom Woes in India : What Does it tell us about Regulation/Yugank Goyal/
3. Re-engineering for Credibility : Remedies for India’s Ailing Statistical System/R.B
Barman/Page: 31
4. Interpretation and Implications of increasing obesity in India : Data on Women from
National Health Surveys/Sourindra Mohan Ghosh/Page : 37

VOL. LV NO.4 JANUARY 25, 2020
1. Citizenship as Participation: Muslim Women Protesters of Shaheen Bagh/Irfanullah
Farooqi/Page: 13
2. Forest Rights Act in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh : A Bureaucratic Unmaking/Aditi
Vajpey, Vaishnavi Rathore/Page :16
3. The University that Made a Difference/Romila Thapar/Page : 27
4. Breaking through the old boys club : The Rise of Women in the Lower judiciary/Sumathi
Chandrashekaran/Page : 33
5. New Evidence from Kerala Migration Survey, 2018/SIrudaya Rajan, KC Zachariah/
Page: 41
6. The Invisible Barriers to India’s Education Reforms/Suzana Brinkmann/Page:50

Vol.LV No.6, February 8, 2020-06-29
1. Addressing Primary Health care Deficiencies : Role of Community Health Providers
/Sharmila Mary Joseph/Page:13
2. Envisioning the India of 2047/Shyam Menon/Page:29
3. Twenty-five Years of the NFHS : Lessons of the Future/SIrudaya Rajan/Page:36
4. Quality of Data in NFHS – 4 Compared to Earlier Rounds : An assessment/
KSrinivasan, Rakesh Mishra/Page:40
5. Demographic and Health Diversity in the Era of SDGs/K S James, S Irudaya Rajan,
Srinivas Goli/Page:46
6. Trends, Differentials and Determinants of Child Marriage in India : Evidence from
Large-scale Surveys/Sanjay Kumar/Page : 53
7. Frequently Asked Questions on Child Anthropometric Failures in India/Sunil
Rajpal, R/Page : 59
8. Stagnancy in the Unmet Need for Family Planning in India/Purushottam M Kulkarni/
Page : 65
9. Intimate Partner Violence : Effects on Maternity Care and Pregnancy Outcome in
India/Srinivas Goli, M D Juel Rana, Jitendra Gouda/Page : 71
10. Household Assets and Wealth Quintiles, India 2006-16: Insight on Economics
Inequalities/Udaya Shankar Mishra, William Joe/Page : 77
11. Delhi Safari and the Animals of Aarey : The eerie similarity between the film Delhi
Safari and the felling of tees in Aarey forest raises pertinent questions about
balancing anthropocentric development and environmental conversation/
Rajlakshmi Kanjilal, P P Vijayalakshmi/Page:85

Vol. LVNo.8, February 22, 2020
1. Questioning Citizenship – based Taxation in Budget 2020/Alok Prasanna Kumar/
Page :10
2. Human Sacrifice, Sentencing and the Death Penalty : Failing of the Supreme Court/
Anup Surendranath, Neetika Vishwanath, Preeti Pratishruti Dash/Page:12
3. Sabka Vishwas Scheme : Settlement at the Cost of Equity/Errol D’souza, Astha
4. India’s ” Three pest campaign”/Ritwick Dutta/Page :18
5. Difference, Division, Desi Breeds : Intuitive Economics and the Outcome of an
operation/Milind Wateve, Ojas S V/Page :28
6. Persistent Fiscal Deficits and Political Economy Transition in India : An Empirical
Investigation/Amarendu Nandy,Abhisek Sur, Santanu Kundu/Page:34
7. Investment for Social Sustainability in India: An Assessment/Shubham Kumar,
Tapas Kumar Giri/Page : 42

Vol. LV No.9, February 29,2020
1. National Medical Commission Act : A Cure Worse than the Malady/Vikas Bajpai/
Page : 16
2. A low growth, no Employment and No Hope Budget for ‘Aspirational India’/K P
Kannan/Page: 27
3. Goal Setting for Indian Agriculture/Ashok Gulati, Pritha Banerjee/Page : 34

Vol.LV No.10, March 7, 2020
1. Abolition of Death Penalty: A Tough Road ahead for India/Anup Surendranath/
Page :10
2. Sounding the Battle Cry : Supreme Court on women in the Army/Smriti Singh/
Page :12
3. Digital Divide and the Aakash Tablet : Technology Intervention in Education/Ashu
Bapna, Kunal Garg, Anurag Mehra/Page :27
4. Long –run Performance of the Organised Manufacturing Sector in India: An Analysis
of Sub-Period and Industry-level Trends/Amit Basole, Amay Narayan/Page :35
5. Changing Wealth Inequalities in Child Nutrition in Indian States/Simantini
Mukhopadhyay, Achin Chakraborty/Page : 45
6. Industrial Dispute in the Indian Textiles Industry/Meenu Saihjpal/Page :53

Southern Economist
Vol.58, No.17, January 1,2020
1. NSSO – Need for Revised Methodology/Vijayalakshmi V/Page : 5
2. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Negotiations and India: Do we really
miss the opportunity/Rajesh K/Page : 7
3. India at Cyclical Crossroads/KU Mada/Page: 9
4. The New Educational Policy/Mohan Rao/Page:15
5. Start ups – Growth trends and Policy Dimensions/Mukund Maruti Mundargi/Page :23
6. Changes in Macroeconomic Perceptions : Evidence from the Survey of Professional
Forecasters/Sanjib Bordoloi, Rajesh Kavedia, Sayoni Roy and Akhil Goyal/Page: 29

Southern Economist
Vol.58, No.18, January 15,2020
1. Challenges for Public Sector Banks/Vijayalaksmi V/Page :5
2. Operation Twist” : A New Policy Measure of RBI/kK Ammannaya/Page :9
3. Regional Comprehensive Economic partnership : What Next/Jos Chathukulam/Page11
4. The Whispering Economic Winds/V Mohan Rao/Page:19
5. Performance of Agricultural Production in India : A Glance/SSrinivasa/Page :21
6. Micro finance as the Next Wave of Financial Inclusion/MK Jain/Page:31
7. Implementation and Impact of Goods and Service Tax in India – An Assessment/Vasant
H Mundargi/Page :35

Southern Economist
Vol.58 No.19, February 1,2020
1. Global value Chain/Vijayalakshmi V/Page :5
2. Monitoring and Mentoring Indian Economy/KU Mada/Page :9
3. Financial Institution and its Role on Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development
/Prasuna/page :12
4. $ 5 Trillion Economy : Aspiration to Action/Shaktikanta Das/page:18
5. Preventive/Pro-Active Measures for Resolution of NPAS/Ramachandran N/Page : 23
6. India’s Balance of Payment in 2018-19 : A Assessment/Sumasree Tewari and Anshul
/Page : 30

Southern Economist
Vol.58.No.20, February 5, 2020
1. The Ailing Economy/Mohan Rao V/Page : 9
2. Two Hegemons in Growing World/KU Mada/Page :13
3.Wealth Creation : The invisible Hand Supported by the Hand of Trust/Southern
Economist Editorial/Page :35

Southern Economist
Vol.58 No.21, March 1,2020
1. Vision 2020 and Reality 2020/Vijayalakshmi V/Page :5
2. The Beleaguered Global Economy/Mohan Rao V/Page :7
3. Seven Ages of India’s monetary Policy/Shaktikanta Das/Page :29
4. Implications of Direct Tax Rejig : A Demystification Exercise/BVenkataraja/Page:36
5. Towards Realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG India Index,2019-20/Dr D
Geevan Kumar/Page: 41

Southern Economist
Vol.58, No.22, March 15,2020
1. Women Employment in Unorganised Sector in India : An Empirical Analysis/Suresha
KP/Page : 9
2. Implication of Intellectual Property Rights/I Satya Sundaram/Page:38

Southern Economist
Vol.59 No.1 &2, May 1 & 15, 2020
1. Planning for the revival of the Economy/Vijayalakshmi V/Page:5
2. Need for Global Health Insurance Coverage/Vijayalakshmi V/Page:9
3. Social responsibility of Business/Dr K U Mada/Page : 11
4. Covid 19 and its impact on Indian Economy/KK Ammannaya/Page : 23
5. Covid-19 and Indian Economy/Vijayalakshmi V/Page :26
6. Impact of Food Security in India : A Study/Zevisanuo Khate and Loreni Yathan/Page:34
7. Banking Landscape in the 21st Century/Shaktikanta Das/Page : 41
8. The Digital Economy/Vijayalakshmi V/Page :46

Issue No.726, January, 2020
1. The Problem/Rita Kothari/Page :10
2. What is your mother tongue ?/Jerry Pinto/Page :12
3. Slipping in and out of languages/Ira Pande/Page :17
4. Does Urdu have a place/Saba Mahmood Bashir/Page:31
5. Dalit Writers –Savarna translators/Yogesh Maitreya/Page :35
6. On Dalit Writing and Untranslatability/Prashant Ingole/page :41
7. Transformation through mobility or translation/Niya Pawar/Page:51
8. How not to (not) teach translation/Arunava Sinha/Page:61

Issue No.727, February, 2020
1. The Problem/Ankur Datta/Page :10
2. Exploring Victimhood/Michael Rothberg/Page :15
3. Collapse of the regime of victimhood/Gowhar Fazili/Page :18
4. Victimhood as an asset/Sasanka Perera/Page :23
5. The dominant Victim/Suryakant Waghmore/Page : 27
6. Victimhood of dalits/Anand teltumbde/Page : 32
7. Mobility diaspora and victimhood/Diva Vaid/Page : 54
8. Interrogating Victimhood on Populist times/Jagat Sohail/Page :57
Vol.68, No.3, January, 2020
1. Health and Nutrition : Prime Movers of Nations Development/Narendra Singh Tomar
/Page : 5
2. Health and Nutrition: Overview and the way forward/Chandrakant Lahariya/Page: 11
3.Health System : Towards a new India/ALOK kumar and Urvashi Prasad/page : 17
4. Nutrition : A Public Health Priority/Manisha Verma and Pooja Passi/Page :21
5. Appropriate Nutrition for Women and Children/Santosh Jain Passi/Page :27
6. Educating Masses on Health and Nutrition :Akanksha Jain/Page :35
7. Role of Anganwadi Workers and Ashas in Curbing Malnutrition/Sneh Aggarwal/Page :41
8. Water and Sanitation for Healthy India/Harender Raj Gautam/Page :47
9. Digital Transformation in Health care/Ankush Kumar/Page :51

Vol.68, No.4, February, 2020
1. Initiatives to promote skill development and Entrepreneurship/Dr Mahendra Nath
2. Skill Development in India : Thoughts and Ideas/Parag Gupta/Page :9
3. Skill Development : A Way Forward/Dr Saneel KThakur/Page :13
4. Skill Development : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning/Shalender Sharma
/Page: 18
5. Skill Development and Entrepreneurship among Youth and Women/Vikas
6. Skill Development : Imperative for Achieving Growth Targets/Dr Anupriya Chadha
/Page :27
7. Women Entrepreneurs in India : Opportunities and Challenges/Dr Sriparna B
Baruah/page :31
8. Skilling the Youth through Science & Technology/Nimish kapoor/page :35
9. Vocational Education Across Schools in India/Sarah Iype/Page:40
10. Skill Development and Health care/Chandrakant Laharia/page :45
11. Skill Development : Issues and Challenges/KV Priya/page:48

Vol.68, No.5 March, 2020
1. Budget for Strengthening Agriculture, Farmers and Rural India/Narendra Singh
Tomar/Page :5
2. Budget 2020-21 : Changing the Landscape of Rural Economy/Dr Amiya Kumar
Mohapatra/Page :9
3. Accelerating Financial Inclusion in Rural India/Manjula Wadhwa/Page :14
4. Forward –Looking Agenda for Agrarian Sector/Srinivasan/page :25
5. Road map to Boost Agriculture in India/Sandip Das/page :30
6. Budget 2020-21: Rural Economy and Rural Women/Dr Shahin Razi/Page :35
7. Rural Resurgence through Trade, Tourism and Technology/Dr Ishita G Tripathy
/page :39
8. Rural Livelihood and Employment/DrK K Tripathy/Page :42
9. Skill Development and Employment Opportunities/Banasree Purkayastha/Page :4
10.Education in Rural India/Satish Kumar Yadav/Page :52

January, 2020
1. India at UNFCCC COP 25/Yojana Editorial/Page :7
2. Kayakalp :Transforming Public Health Facilities/Preeti Sudan/Page :11
3. Sustainable Sanitation in the Cities/Durga Shanker Mishra/Page :15
4. Water Management :Building a Resilient Nation/UNICEF WASH Team/Page:22
5. Role of Community radio in Disaster Management and Climate-Change
Communication/Nuti Namita/Page:29
6. In Conversation with ProfMSSwaminathan/Yojana Editorial/Page : 32
7. Mitigation of Carbon Footprint/Dr T V Ramachandra/Page :36
8. Emerging Civil Society Initiatives in Agriculture/Chandra Sekhara Rao
9. Managing Electronic Waste/Manjula Waghwa/Page :47
10.Development and Environment Maintaining the Fine Balance/SC Lahiry/
Page :51
11.National Voter’s Day 2020 ‘Electoral Literacy for a Stronger
Democracy’/Umesh Sinha/Page :59

February, 2020
1. In Conversation with Dr K Sivan/Yojana Team/Page :9
2. Leadership in Science Need to Challenge Existing Assumptions :DrVikram A Sarabhai
/Page :12
3. Artificial Intelligence : Challenges and Opportunities for India/Yogesh K Dwivedi/
Page :16
4. Innovation in Higher Educational Institutions/Satyanarayanan Sehadri/Page :23
5. Education and Technology for the Blind/Dr RS Chauhan/Page :27
6. Quality Education for Weaker Section and Disadvantaged Groops/Yojana
team/Page :32
7. Key Initiatives in Education/Yojana Team/Page:35
8. Open & Distance Learning : A Futuristic Approach/Dr K D Prasad/Page :39
9. Cyber Security : Issues and Challenges/GP Pandey/Page :43
10. Global Synergy in Higher Education/Natasha Jha Bhaskar/Page :47

March, 2020
1. Transport Infrastructure in India/G Raghuram/Page :23
2. The Industry Perspective/Dr Ranjeet Mehta/Page :28
3. Fiscal Sustainability framework and Deficit Indicators/Dr Amiya
KumarMohapatra/Page :3
4. The Economics of Water And Sanitation/Parameswaran Iyer/Page :49
5. Indias Quest for Universal health Coverage/Dr Indu Bhushan/Page :52
6. An Analysis of Education Sector Budget/Shalender Sharma/Page :57
7. Skills,Employment,and Human Resource Development – A Key Pillar in Budget 2020-21
/Dilip Chenoy/Page:6 1
8. Action Plan for Prosperity of Farmers/Dr Jagdeep Saxena/Page :65
9. Environment and Forest/Dr SC Lahiry/page :68
10.Gender Budgeting and Senior Citizens/Dr Shahin Razi/Page :72

January 4-10, 2020
1. Justice in Japan :GOSN,Going,Gone/The Economist Team/Page :16
2. Fires in Australia :The summer Inferno/The Economist Team/Page :17
3. A year of Jair Bolsonaro : Please don’t let me be misunderstood/The Economist
Team/Page :27
4. Education in Liberia :Schools of hard Knocks/The Economist Team/Page :34
5. Success Stories :Reactors and Railway/The Economist Team/Page :4
6. Intellectual Property :Laser Brain/The Economist Team/Page :7
7. The Sock Market : Christmas Bonus/The Economist Team/Page :52
8. Te World Trade Organisation : What’s the Catch/The Economist Team/Page:53
9. Digital banking in south –East Asia :Up for Grab/The Economist Team/Page:54
10.Minimum Wage :Who Pays/The Economist Team/Page:54
11. Buttonwood : Feeling Tipsy/The Economist Team/Page:54
12.Free Exchange : Planned Obsolescence/The Economist Team/Page:56
13. Science and technology :Physics, Assembling the Future/The Economist Team/

January 11-17, 2020
1. School Policy :The dignity of all the talents/The Economist Team/Page:28
2. American Education : Sign of progress/The Economist Team/Page:29
3. African governance : Taxing times/The Economist Team/Page:37
4. The Science of disgust : Overcoming the yuck factor/The Economist Team/Page:49
5. Italian motorway : End of the road/The Economist Team/Page:52
6. Investing in Chinese technology :Less where that came from/The Economist Team/
7. Ageing Europe : old, rich and divided/The Economist Team/Page:57
8. Government and market : In a fix/The Economist Team/Page:58
9. Asset Prices : Worth its weight/The Economist Team/Page:60
10.Economic history : Capital in the 14th century/The Economist Team/Page:61
11.Opening up economics : Beams and motes/The Economist Team/Page:61
12.Scientific publishing : A novel and promising finding/The Economist Team/Page:68
13.Stellar evolution :Time for a big bang/The Economist Team/Page:69
14.Watering deserts :Out of thin air/The Economist Team/Page:69
15.Scientific methods : Fecal canaries/The Economist Team/Page:69

January 25-31, 2020
1. Infrastructure in the Philippines : Build, Build, Build/The Economist Team/Page:20
2. Australia’s greenhouse –gas emissions :smoke and numbers/The Economist Team/
3. Vietnmans energy mix : Sunny spell/The Economist Team/Page:24
4. Viral Pneumonia :The Wuhan crisis/The Economist Team/Page:26
5. Internet governess : Unexpected domain/The Economist Team/Page:31
6. Rural demography : Homesteading 2.0/The Economist Team/Page:31
7. Agriculture Business has gone sour in America’s dairy capital/The Economist Team/
8. Poland : Law and Justice v Law and Justice/The Economist Team/Page:43
9. Private diplomacy :Not your average diplomats/The Economist Team/Page:51
10.America’s public finances :The grate treasuries binge/The Economist Team/Page:60
11. India’s economy :Good down, bad up/The Economist Team/Page:60
12.Energy markets :Special delivery/The Economist Team/Page:65
13.Finance& economics : Free exchange/Tearing up the rule book/The Economist Team/
14.Neuroscience : Fly atlas/The Economist Team/Page:66
15.Space exploration :breathing moon dust/The Economist Team/Page:66

February 1-7, 2020
1. The Wuhan virus :Sealed off/The Economist Team/Page:25
2. Corona virus : Prepare for the worst, hope for the best/The Economist Team/Page:28
3. Corona virus economics :Lock down/The Economist Team/Page:29
4. Vermont economy :The road not taken/The Economist Team/Page:33
5. Brexit and regulation : In to the wide blue yonder/The Economist Team/Page:50
6. Trade deals : Third country stories/The Economist Team/Page:53
7. Labour in Deutschland AG : Unseating an old idea/The Economist Team/Page:53