The State Planning Board organised a national online consultation on methodologies for measuring State-level economic losses in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic on May 2, 2020. The webinar was chaired by Prof V K Ramachandran, Vice Chairperson, State Planning Board. Finance Minister of Kerala, Dr T. M. Thomas Isaac, attended the meeting. Experts from across the country participated in the webinar. The experts who attended the webinar were Shri P C Mohanan, Chair of the State Statistical Commission, Kerala and famous economists and statisticians such as Dr Pronab Sen,  Dr C P Chandrasekhar, Dr R Nagaraj, Dr Tejal Kanitkar, Dr Haripriya, Dr Vinish Kathuria, Dr K J Joseph, Dr Vinoj Abraham, Dr Irudaya Rajan, Dr A V Jose, Shri Meera Sahib, Dr Surjith and Members of the State Planning Board. The webinar deliberated on the following points (a) methodologies to estimate economic losses in the state as a whole in the short and medium-term, (b) methodologies to estimate economic losses in specific sectors and (c) identifying crucial indicators and methods for possible impact studies.