Constitution of the State Planning Board (1991-1994)
Chairperson Sri K Karunakaran, Chief Minister
Vice Chairperson Sri V Ramachandran
Members Minister for Finance
Dr P K Ayyankar
Sri N B Chandran
Dr P S George
Dr V Kurian
Sri S K Sharma
Dr M S Swaminathan
Chief Secretary (Ex-officio)
Commissioner and Secretary, Planning and Economic Affairs Department
Commissioner and Secretary, Finance Department
Member Secretary Sri K V Nambiar

State Planning Board (1994)
In 1994, the State Planning Board was re-structured with Chief Minister Sri K Karunakaran as the Chairperson. The following seven technical divisions were formed:

  1. Agriculture Division
  2. Decentralised Planning Division
  3. Evaluation Division
  4. Industry and Infrastructure Division
  5. Perspective Planning Division
  6. Plan Co-ordination Division
  7. Social Service Division

Three posts of Chiefs – Chief (Transport), Chief (Industries), and Chief (Data bank and Computer) divisions were abolished. This was in response to the Report of the Committee of Experts constituted to study the structure of Planning Board and suggest measures for rationalisation.