Name Designation Responsibilities Contact No.
Smt Aleyamma Ninan District Planning Officer Head of the Office, Supervision of all office activities 9495098598
Sri Suma A.M Deputy District Planning Officer  
  1. Overall supervision of all files related to Technical and Administrative matters and files to DPO and DC will be routed through the Deputy District Planning Officer.
  2. RTI State Public Information Officer of the district Planning.
  3. Scrutiny and verification of Annual Plan and projects of District Panchayat and Palakkad Municipality.
  4. Monitoring of DPC Secretariat Building files, DMP files.
  5. Attend/convene the meetings in the absence of DPO
  6. All other duties assigned from time to time.
Consolidation of notes for DC’s / DPO’s Conference.

Sri Praveen P Pallath Assistant District Planning Officer  
  1. Maintenance of All files and Registers and monitoring of works MPLADS Palakkad LSC. (14th , 15th and 16th and 17th LS) andSri Binoy Viswam MP (RS).
  2. Decentralised Plan :
Pattambi Block Panchayat, Ottappalam Block Panchayatand All Grama Panchayats Ottappalam Municipality and Pattambi Municipality.


  1. Subhiksha Keralam.
All other duties assigned from time to time.
Sri Kannan K Research Officer-I  
  1. Maintenance of all files and Registers and monitoring of Alathur LSC and Sri Suresh Gopi MP(RS).
  2. MPLADS General file.
  3. Preparation of MPLADS PR and its online submission.
  4. Nodal Officer of Chief Ministers Grievence Redressal
  5. Decentralised Plan : -
Malampuzha Block Panchayat, Sreekrishnapuram Block Panchayat, Attappadi Block Panchayatand All Grama Panchayats coming under these Block Panchayats. Chittur Municipality.
  1. Assist State Public Information Officer on Technical matters.

Smt. Sajitha K.C Research Officer-II  
  1. District Planning Committee (General File, Preparation of Agenda Notes and minutes, and issue of proceedings).
  2. Haritha Kerala Mission
  3. Innovative, Appeal, Unit cost Committees (Preparation of Agenda Notes, Minutes)
  4. Decentralised Plan:
Alathur Block Panchayat and All Grama Panchayat coming under this Block Panchayat. Shornur Municipality, Mannarkkad Municipality, and Cherpulasseri Municipality.
  1. Various Committee meetings with regard to Decentralised Planning.
  2. Files related to L A Interpellation under Decentralised Planning.
  3. Preparation of Plan Progress report.


Ms Shyji C Research Assistant-I
  1. MPLADS related files
  2. Inspection of works under MPLADS.
  3. Decentralised Plan :
Chittur Block Panchayat, Kuzhalmannam Block Panchayatand All Grama Panchayat coming under these Block Panchayat.
  1. Covid-19 duty: All files related to Covid-19
  2. All other duties assigned by DPO from time to time.
Deepthi S Research Assistant-II
  1. Files related to SCA to SCP.
  2. SCA to TSP and ATSP
  3. To Assist RA1
  4. Decentralised Plan:
Mannarkkad Block Panchayat, Palakkad Block Panchayat and All Grama Panchayats coming under these Block Panchayats.

Sri MadhuP K Research Assistant-III
  1. Monitoring of works and all files related to Western Ghat Development Programme ( Water shed, Foot bridges, SC/ST Projects on watershed area, Gender Development and Preparation of Monthly Progress Report) as per the direction of DDPO
  2. Decentralised Plan:
  3. Kollengode Block Panchayat, Nenmmara Block Panchayat, Thrithala Block Panchayat and All Grama Panchayats coming under these Block Panchayats.
  4. Corpus Fund for SCP.
  5. Evaluation study and report to State Planning Board.
  6. Sansad Aadharsh Grama Yojana.
  7. 12 Point Programme.
  8. Files related to DPC Secretariat Building.

Sri Vineesh KV Junior Superintendent
Sri Sundaran M Confidential Assistant
Smt Sudha K Senior Clerk – I (E1 Section)

Smt Sreeja E S Clerk – II (E2 Section)
Sri Madhavadas V K Typist-1   9744152584)
Sri Binoy PR Typist- 2   9747710098
Sri Varghese A.V Driver

Sri Ashraf E M Office Attendant -1   7356003211
Smt Reshma R Office Attendant-2 Post   9037190576