The following are the important activities of the Plan Coordination Division

  1. Formulation of strategies for the overall economic development of the State in line with the national priorities and Plan objectives, in consultation with the subject divisions
  2. Assist the subject division to set up various committees
  3. Convene meeting of Secretaries concerned and the Heads of Departments as and when required by the Planning Board, in connection with the formulation of development Plans of the State
  4. Co-ordinate the activities connected with the formulation of Five-Year Plans and Annual Plan
  5. Convene the Board meetings and prepare Background papers for the meeting
  6. Consolidate Budget documents related to the Plan programmes prepared by subject divisions
  7. Co-ordinate the works related to thepublication of Economic Review to be presented in the State Legislature as part of the Budget process
  8. Gather and convey information on State Plans to the Government of India, NITI Aayog, Finance Commission, and Inter-State Council
  9. Maintaining the ‘PLAN SPACE’ – the online concurrent Plan monitoring system
  10. Documenting district-wise break up of Plan Funds across the State
  11. Conducting lecture series by inviting eminent scholars from inside and outside the countryon development matters
  12. Publication of Newsletter of State Planning Board