Sl No Name Designation Duties and Responsibilities Contact Details
1 Smt. Preetha K Chief (i/c) Co-ordination of Annual Plan/Five-Year Plan related activities of State Planning Board, Conducting Planning Board meetings and Co-ordinationof Economic Review (English and Malayalam) 9446030176
2 Smt.Preetha K Joint Director Consolidation of Annual Plans, Five-Year Plan, Mid-Term Appraisal and Annual Budget, Coordination of Economic Review 9446030176
3 Sri. Vinodkumar V  Deputy Director  Planning Board meetings, Plan Space-PlanMonitoring Mechanism, Publishing Study Reports and Economic Review – Co-ordination  
4 Sri. Anil Kumar B M Assistant Director I Co-ordinating district-wise Break up of Annual Plan, Central State Relations, Publication of News Letter, division Chiefs meeting, Mission programmesCo-ordination,Economic Review (State Finance) 9447440621
5 Sri. Saneeshkumar
Assistant Director II
6 Smt. Sreedevi Research Officer I L.A. Interpellations, Co-ordination of Annual Plans, Reply to the Government Letters, Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) and Economic Review (Banking), Internship of students at SPB Consolidation of the report of Five-Year Plans 7907029309
7 Sri. G. Sureshkumar Research Assistant I Planning Board Meetings,Economic Review (Prices) and Annual Budget 9895786776
8 Smt Soumya SN Research Assistant II Expert Committee reports and Summary document (Budget), Processing RTI Requests  
9 Smt .Nisha Jerome Confidential Assistant    
10 Smt. Tessy Typist