Government of Kerala and the Coconut Development Board, Government of India, jointly organised a two day International Conference and Exposition on Coconut on November 2 and 3, 2019 at the Taj Gateway Kozhikode. The objective of the Conference and Exposition was to put Kerala on an enhanced and sustained growth path in coconut sector through industry-led growth. The Conference and Exposition were organised by the State Planning Board in collaboration with the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation. As part of the event, a National Coconut Challenge was organised with support from Kerala Start-up Mission to encourage innovative ideas in agriculture and value addition in the coconut sector.

At the conference, more than 25 papers were presented with speakers from countries such as China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Sri Lanka. There was also an experience sharing session attended by around 20 farmers and entrepreneurs. There were seventy stalls in the exposition, which showcased a wide range of coconut-based products.

Around 400-500 persons comprising entrepreneurs, farmers, agricultural scientists, extension workers, social scientists, researchers, experts, representatives of mass organisations and NGOs, industry representatives, students, and policy-makers participated in the Exposition and Conference.

The event concluded with announcements by the Government about new investments in the coconut sector, including the establishment of coconut based parks in the State and the provision of marketing and technological assistance to coconut-based units.