The overarching objective of Agriculture division is to further development of agriculture and related sectors in Kerala; and pave the way for overall development of the State. The objective is achieved through its contributions in planning, review and monitoring of implementation,devising strategic interventions, rendering advice to the Government and its Departments, and engaging in intellectual and research pursuits to provide solutions and reinvigorate development. The idea of ‘happiness and prosperity to all stakeholders’ along with ‘care for environment’ has guided the actions of the division. Over the years, the division has been successful in providing valuable guidance and inputs to the State and the society.

Major sectors

  • Agriculture (crop husbandry)
  • Agriculture (soil and water conservation)
  • Animal husbandry
  • Dairy development
  • Fisheries
  • Marketing, storage and warehousing
  • Agriculture finance
  • Agriculture research and education
  • Special area programmes in Wayanad, Kuttanad and Kasaragod
  • Irrigation and flood control
  • Co-operation
  • Ecology and environment including pollution control
  • Forestry and wildlife

Key initiatives of the division

  • Technical committee on ongoing major and medium irrigation projects in Kerala
  • A special package for post-flood Kuttanad
  • Workshop on ‘Human animal interface in Kerala’
  • Innovations in agriculture
  • Studies on Integrated Farming System
  • Multi institutional study on enhancing viability of coconut holdings
  • Crop health management initiative
  • New extension in agriculture
  • Vegetable development initiative – monitoring and assessment
  • Soil mapping in all Panchayats
  • Agro ecological planning and zonation