Sl No. Name Designation Duties and Responsibilities Contact No.
1 Shri. Pradeep Kumar P Chief (i/c) Head of the division 9446527674
2 Shri. Pradeep Kumar P Joint Director Assisting chief in overall co-ordination and monitoring of works in the division with specific attention to Economic Review and Plans. Handle files related to LA interpellation, Audit enquiry, RTI, SDI etc. To handle major sectors in the absence of Technical officers. 9446527674
3   Deputy Director Medium and Large scale Industries, Information Technology, Mining  
4 Shri. G T Shibu Asst. Director I Port and Light houses, Inland Waterways, Energy Sector  
5 Shri. Arun Shyamnath Asst. Director II Handloom, Coir, Cashew Industries  
6 Smt. Lijamol M David Asst. Director III Transport and PWD (roads and bridges)  
7 Smt. Salini S Research Officer I MSME Khadi and Village Industries  
8 Smt. Dhanya Chandrasekhar Research Officer II Tourism, Science and Technology 9447819216
9 Smt. Saritha Research Officer III    
10 Shri. Pradeep T G Research Assistant I Assists port and light houses, Inland water transport, handloom and power loom sector, Coir, Cashew  
11 Shri. Sibin K Research Assistant II Assists Medium and Large scale Industries, Information Technology, Mining 9747806208
12 Vacant Research Assistant III    
13 Shri. Shamlal S Personal Assistant   9847756241
14 Shri. Sarath Office Attendant