The Board was reconstituted twice in 1982 and 1983. Chief Minister Sri K Karunakaran was the Chairperson of the Board in 1983. The reconstituted Planning Board consisted, besides a full-time Chairperson and the Finance Minister as Member, of seven part-time Members also.

Constitution of the State Planning Board (1983-1987)
Chairperson Sri K Karunakaran, Chief Minister
Vice Chairperson Sri M Sathyapal,
Former Secretary, Government of India. 
Sri M Sathyapal resigned on January 10, 1985.
Board continued in the period 1985-86 without Vice Chairperson.

Dr P K Gopalakrishnan (Part time)
Prof V R Pilla (Part time)

Sri M S Ram (Part time)
Sri G P Warier (Part time)

Sri V Ramachandran, Chief Secretary(Ex-officio)
Commissioner, Economic Development (Ex-officio)

Member Secretary Sri S Varadachary

Six high-level Committees on following sectors were constituted in October, 1982 to assist Planning Board.

  1. Industry, Trade and Power
  2. Physical Infrastructure and Transport
  3. Education and Employment
  4. Social Infrastructure and Services (other than education)
  5. Land and Water Resources
  6. Mobilisation of Resources for Development.

The objective of the Committees was to study the development made in the respective areas, assess the progress and problems of the State, suggest objectives and profiles for development upto the year 2000 and indicate priorities to be followed and major programmes to be undertaken during the remaining period.

The Planning Board had constituted 38 Working Groups for formulating the Seventh Five-Year Plan (1985-1990) of the State. The Secretaries to government, heads of Departments, other government officials, specialists and academicians, industries, and scientists were included in the Working Groups. The Working Groups undertook a review and critical appraisal of the projects, programmes, and schemes of the Sixth Plan to decide the schemes which would inevitably spill over to the Seventh Plan and the provision to be set apart for such schemes. Taking into account the resources available and the recommendation of the High-Level Committees and also based on the reports of the Working Groups, draft proposals for the Seventh Plan were prepared by the Planning Board.

Besides the Administration Wing and Publication Wing, the Planning Board comprised of following technical divisions.

  1. Agriculture Division
  2. Data Bank and Computer Division
  3. District Planning Division
  4. Economic Division
  5. Industries Division
  6. Perspective Planning Division
  7. Project Division
  8. Resources Division
  9. Social Service Division
  10. Transport Division