The basic function of the division is to facilitate and formulate decentralised Plans for the State. The functions and objectives of the divisions are as follows:-

  • Preparation of Five-Year Plans, AnnualPlans, Budget Estimates, Annual Economic Review in following areas.
  • To help the Planning Board in co-ordinating the process of Plan formulation, implementation and monitoring of Local Self Government Institutions in collaboration with the Local Self Government Department
  • Preparation of draft guidelinesand instructions for local-level/district Planning, and undertakes need based studies to improve the decentralised planning process
  • Preparation of Annual Plan and Economic Review, answering of Legislative Assembly questions, representing Working Group meetings in respect of the concerned Departments for the approval of projects
  • Participation in the Co-ordination Committee Meetings of the Local Self Government Department ; offer comments, advices, remarks andappraisal reports and project proposalsreceived from Sectoral Departments andGovernment from time to time
  • The division periodically convenes District Planning Officers’ meeting with a view to evaluate their performance in co-ordinating the decentralised planning process in the districtsand provide necessary guidance to them for better functioning of the offices