Sl. No. Name Designation Duties and Responsibilities Contact No.
1. Smt Litty Mathew District Planning Officer Head of the Office, Supervision of all office activities 9446094381
2. Smt Anitha Elias Deputy District Planning Officer Overall supervision of files in connecting with Technical wing. Act as State Duties Information Officer in the case of RTI Act. 9946488919
3. Sri Basheer MM Assistant District Planning Officer Works related with the On-going WGDP projects. Works related with Decentralised Planning process of Local Self Governments. MPLADS works related with flood relief. 9495039532
4. Dr Sreekumar TL Research Officer Works Related with District Planning Committee and Decentralised Planning process. 9400551951
5. Smt Mini Chandran Research Officer Works related MPLADS– MPLADS Audit Files, works related with Decentralised Planning process 6282343064
6. Smt Haseena ES Research Assistant Works related MPLADS and Decentralised Planning 9446803100
7. Ms Saritha CK Research Assistant Works related with MPLADS, Plan space, Corpus fund SC, and Decentralised Planning process. 9946989028
8. Smt Vrinda S Research Assistant Works related with MPLADS, SCA to SCSP, Decentralised Planning works 9496158909
9. Smt Nasseera VA Confidential Assistant   9495748304
10. Sri Ajikumar GP Junior Superintendent   9447706523
11. Sri Baiju RS Clerk   9605330612
12. Sri Jayakumar KS Senior Clerk   9496989607
13. Smt Ramani KK Sr. Gr. Typist   9847494275
14. Smt Sreekala K UD Typist   9446806432
15. Sri Rajeev TR Driver Gr. I   9497035751
16. Sri Shaju TO Office Attendant   8281748453
17. Smt Riya Baby Office Attendant   8547559245
18. Smt Chandramathi KP Part Time Sweeper   9400342443